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Designer Collection - Isabel De Pedro

Isabel De Pedro Leather Trim Coat Isabel De Pedro Brush Stroke Dress Isabel De Pedro Printed Stripe Legging
Isabel De Pedro Tight Pant Isabel De Pedro Dragonfly Printed Top Isabel De Pedro High Waist Skirt
Isabel De Pedro Tight Pant
Our Price: $389.00
Isabel De Pedro Scoop Neck Dress Isabel De Pedro Chiffon Layered Skirt Isabel De Pedro Zip Tunic
Isabel De Pedro Zip Tunic
Our Price: $379.00
Isabel De Pedro Tunic Dress Isabel De Pedro Hi-Lo Jacket

About Isabel de Pedro

Isabel de Pedro is one of the leading designers in the Spanish fashion scene. Isabel de Pedro's collections consist of fine-quality prints with flashes of color. She is a true artist, unique in her design, and is inspired by the world.

The collection captures a look that is both bold and confident. Isabel de Pedro enthusiasts are women who can rock the boat with a fashion statement -- without compromising their femininity.

For further information regarding our selection of Isabel De Pedro, please contact us.

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