About Us

Saitowitz Family

Over 50 years of retailing experience both in the United States and abroad has contributed to the development of one of Houston’s most exciting and successful, upscale women’s apparel stores. Husband and wife team, Julian and Calli Saitowitz, owners of BB1 Classic, have created a world of beauty and tranquility with an emphasis on impeccable service. Josh Saitowitz, BB1 Classic Project Manager and Webmaster – a South African born Houstonian virtually raised in the business – has created a web presence and taken the brick-and-mortar stores to another level, including the online boutique.

BB1 Classic is unique with innovation and fashion excellence; A showcase of effusing brands and design talent, clientele can expect a unique selection of European/American interpretations of runway looks.

The mood is glamour; the look is definitive, luxurious fabrics fit today’s lifestyle. A wardrobe coordinated to create personal style.

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